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However it was not clear whether chronic co-treatment of betahistine and olanzapine would have similar weight-attenuating effects, so this was addressed in this chronic animal study.

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in a further switching study, conley et al 1999 conducted 8-week open and double-blind trials administering olanzapine to 44 treatment-resistant patients and treating subsequent olanzapine-resistant patients with clozapine.

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the lilly study also determined more treatment-emergent events-including palpitations and blurred vision, as well as eps and remedial medications for eps-among patients receiving risperidone rather than olanzapine.

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a december 2006 new york times article based on leaked company documents concluded that the company had engaged in a deliberate effort to downplay olanzapine s side effects.

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limited data exist on the use of olanzapine for resistant schizophrenia or other psychiatric indications for children greater than 6 years of age.

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olanzapine is an antipsychotic, antimanic and mood stabilising agent that demonstrates a broad pharmacologic profile across a number of receptor systems.


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