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Neurological effects are also common symptoms of excessive digoxin dosage.

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upon oral administration, digoxin is absorbed from the stomach and upper part of the small intestine.

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typically, digoxin levels are considered therapeutic for heart rate control between 0.

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alexa fluor 647 igg fraction monoclonal mouse anti-digoxin.

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pubmed 15249423 lin h, wang sw, tsai sc, chen jj, chiao yc, lu cc, huang wj, wang gj, chen cf, wang ps inhibitory effect of digoxin on testosterone secretion through mechanisms involving decreases of cyclic amp production and cytochrome p450scc activity in rat testicular interstitial cells.

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chronic digoxin toxicity is associated with hypokalaemia and adverse reactions to digoxin may be precipitated if there is potassium depletion such as may be caused by the prolonged administration of diuretics.


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